Used Pianos Warranty & Rental Information

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Limited Used Piano Store Warranty

Craig’s Pianos & Keyboards will repair or replace, at no charge for parts or labor, any visibly moving part that fails to perform its primary function for (up to ten years) as long as you, the original owner, tune this piano twice per year by technicians authorized by us. Additionally, warrant this piano against unreasonable deterioration in tuning stability caused by mechanical breakdown and will correct said defect(s) without charge for parts or labor for a period of (up to ten years) from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to failure or breakdown caused by abnormal strain, abuse, accidental damage, exposure to extremes in relative humidity, temperature or sunlight, strings, or to parts that have reached the end of their useful life.

For Short Term Rentals prices begin at $500 + plus delivery for a high-quality grand piano. Prices for a smaller vertical piano begin at $300 + delivery.  Digital pianos are available beginning at $125 and up.
For Long Term Rentals, our ever-popular rent-by-the-month program is an affordable way to introduce the fun of playing the piano to your youngster (or oldster). Choose from among our wide selection of new or fully-reconditioned used pianos and new digital pianos. The daily rental charge (paid by the month) is .1% of the retail value of the instrument. As an example, a piano selling for $1000 would rent for $1.00 per day. A security deposit equal to 10% of the instrument’s value, delivery charges (varies), and the first month’s rent are collected in advance. All money received (including money received in excess of the minimum monthly payment due) during the first 365 days (90-day minimum rental period) may be applied in full to the retail price of this or any other piano of equal or greater value. You may continue to rent the piano beyond 365 days, but payments received after 365 days are rent to rent. See store for additional details.


Rental Programs
We Rent Pianos For All Occasions:


  • Concerts
  • Recitals
  • Weddings  Parties
  • Recording  Sessions 
  • Competitions
  • Conventions
  • Plays
  • Movies
  • Videos
  • Photo Shoots
  • Openings
  • Art Projects
  • Displays  for Model Homes
  • Real Estate  Staging
  • Schools
  • Visiting Musicians
  • Rehearsals