Piano Tuning


Our piano technical staff now has over 125 years of combined experience!
Pictured above (left to right)
Dave Lowman
Craig Whitaker
David Clark

Service Rates for 2019

We charge $100 + tax for a regular piano tuning within our normal service area.  Pianos that have not been tuned regularly may need a “double tuning” (or more  correctly, a pitch raise and tuning) for which we charge an additional $50-$75 depending on how far out of tune your piano is. For piano tuning in outlying areas, there is an additional fee for mileage/travel time.

Repairs to fix sticking keys, replacement of broken strings, adjusting pedals, etc., are not included in the tuning fee.  Our on-site repairs are done at $80/hr. Typically, most repairs take less than an hour.

For pianos that cannot be tuned due to severe mechanical deficiencies, loose tuning pins, etc., there is a minimum service call charge of $50. This amount can be applied to the price of a new or reconditioned replacement piano from our retail store.

We accept calls to schedule appointments from 9 am to 5 pm Monday – Saturday.


Enjoy our short video on our tuning services.