New Pianos


Kawai has dedicated itself to a singular pursuit- to transform the future of the piano by skillfully blending the precepts of traditional piano craftsmanship with the latest available technologies and materials. This never-ending quest for perfection has brought about the finest selection of grand pianos, upright pianos, digital pianos and quality stage pianos available today. Through Kawai craftsmen, the creation of a fine piano is elevated to an art form… each one a musical masterpiece.



Founded in 1972, Roland’s mission has been to create sounds that people like to hear. Through “cutting-edge” technology, Roland has brought people and music closer together with many easy-to-play features. Roland digital pianos have made it possible to enjoy a concert piano sound in your living room. From classic-styled instruments that provide theauthentic look and feel of traditional pianos to mobile instruments designed for professional use on stage, Roland’s award-winning digital pianos deliver top-level touch and tone plus unmatched education and technology features.



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Yamaha, Baldwin, Kimball, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe